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It is a tax advantageous strategy for high income earners who want to save taxes today and save for their retirement as well. An RRSP is a retirement savings plan that you establish, registered by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and to which you or your spouse or common-law partner contribute (according to the limits). Deductible RRSP contributions can be used to reduce your tax. Any income you earn in the RRSP is usually exempt from tax as long as the funds remain in the plan; you generally have to pay tax when you receive payments from the plan.



The Purpose of an RESP is to save for the post secondary education. The plan is registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the money contributed by the subscriber (owner of the plan) potentially attracts government grants. The money accumulated is invested and grows tax-free. Call or email our office for information on how much your child will need and how much you can afford to save.


Health & Dental

Apart from the services covered by the mandatory MSP coverage, you have an option to buy your own health and dental coverage from a private insurance provider. With the help of our advisors, you can choose a plan that supplements your present MSP coverage. When you apply for the health & Dental, you get a quote explaining your monthly charges and the benefits available under the plan. Call or email our Ethical Professional Advisor to get a free quote.



This coverage provides a monthly benefit (income) if due to accident/sickness you are not able to return back to work. Our Ethical Professional Advisor can help you understand how much you can receive and the cost for you, and discuss the coverage in detail.


Life Insurance

Provides a tax-free Lump Sum payment to the beneficiary upon the death of the person who is insured. Our Ethical Professional Advisor can help you determine which kind of insurance is required, how much insurance is needed and how much it will cost you.



It is a registered general savings account that allows Canadians to earn tax free investment income. Our Ethical Professional Advisor can see if you are eligible.


Open Investments

It is a non-registered account that allows you to save money for the long term. These are tax efficient accounts that invest in equity portfolios, And unlike RRSPs, non-registered accounts have no contribution limits.