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Why Ethical

When making the important financial decisions that will forever impact your life, it is important to know who you are trusting and why. There is a lingering perception about the insurance and investment industry having less than stellar results and reputation. We put our heart in our efforts and we care enough to make sure you are delighted to choose us.

At Ethical Financial, providing information and advice that is correct and the service based on morals is not just a practice, its a mandate.

It’s in our policy and procedure to do things right even if no-one is watching over our shoulders.

The Ethical Story

During her practice as an agent, Manmeet (aka Nina) discovered that there is a huge need for advice that clients can trust. Clients are waiting to meet an agent who they could completely rely on and feel safe when making a financial decision. We would love to be your first and final stop for your financial needs, and we work very hard to make sure we earn it.

Setting a Trend

Our goal is to set the trends for everyone else in the industry to follow. The days of nagging agent phone calls are going to be gone very soon. You are the builder of your life, making decisions in something which is not new to you. All you might need is the guidance and information to make sure its the right one. We will assist you by providing professional advice and service so that you could comfortably arrive to the solution. Please help us set the trend of no pressure meetings by choosing us as when you need insurance/ investment advice.

Ethical Relationships

Our focus is building relationships that last through generations. We take time getting to know you and what is important to you, because we put our heart in the work we do. Our service starts after the sale. We do this by following up with you at least once a year, to review the plan and to make sure any important changes in your life, are in line with your financial situation.

Choosing an Independent Agent

In the word full of choices, it is confusing for you to decide who to choose. Would you like to deal with someone who affirms that his product is the best because there is nothing else to offer; or would you like to deal with a professional who negotiates and finds the best solution, that fits your circumstances?

Become an Agent

It is an honour to be a part of our team. Our Hiring Process is very stringent, as every step in the process involves a great deal of scrutiny. Our Agents represent us in the field and we make every effort to ensure that we hire and retain the best of the industry.